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Maldives Liveaboards

MV Anstasia
MV.Dream Catcher II
MV.Orion Nitrox
MV.Vita Nitrox
MV.Carpe Diem Nitrox
MV.Honors Nitrox
MV.Arora Nitrox
MV.The Theia Maldives
MV.Princess Ushwa
MV.Black Pearl
MV.Dive Master
MV.Ari Queen
MV.Eagle Ray
MV.Amba Nitrox
MV Sharifa
MV.Blue Lagoon
MV Sting Ray
MV.Ark Royal

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Diving Maldives | Maldives Liveaboards Scuba Diving Charter Safari

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Welcome to  offers the largest  scuba diving travel live aboard in Maldives , Sudan diving live-aboard, Dive Indonesia,  selection for top 5 destinations in the world.
We specialized since 1991 with worldwide scuba diving in   liveaboards Maldives cruises. Our extended experience within the diving industry allows us to tie up with the best liveaboards diving in Sudan, Diving in Maldives,  Sudan providing our customers and students a real professional and quality oriented dive operators network in the best diving destinations on the planet.

So if you are looking for a vacation to a warm climate that includes lots of water activity, instead of immediately searching for beach resorts, consider a Liveaboard scuba diving in Maldives, Sudan diving liveaboards, Dive Sudan dive trip. There's no better way to get to a secluded diving location than already being there. And with virtually instant, on-site diving opportunities, you are guaranteed many amazing diving opportunities when you liveaboard your floating

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Diving Maldives | Maldives Liveaboards Scuba Diving Charter Safari

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